Machine Learning/Computer Vision Researcher


As a researcher at Abyssal you will be working on developing novel algorithms for the challenging underwater environment. You will have the opportunity to work on several research areas from image classification to reinforcement learning and be part of a new and ambitious research team.


– Perform cutting edge research work that can result in new patents and/or publications.
– Research, design, implement, and evaluate novel Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning methods to be deployed in real world scenarios.
– Work on large-scale datasets, focusing on building scalable and accurate Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning systems.
– Collaborate closely with software engineering teams on developing systems from prototyping to production level.


We look for candidates with the following profile:
– Ability to create novel Machine Learning/Computer Vision methods as proven by publications or projects.
– Experience in image/video classification/segmentation.


Prefered Qualifications:
– Experience with Deep Learning and/or Deep Learning frameworks (i.e. PyTorch).
– Experience with 3D Computer Vision (i.e. SLAM/SfM).
– MSc/PhD in a related field.


Needs to be:
– Pro-active.
– Team oriented.
– Problem-solver.
– Able to learn new software packages and methods.


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