Project Name | Abyssal Overseas: Consolidation and diversification of Abyssal’s presence in foreign markets

Project Code | NORTE-02-0752-FEDER-042405

Main Purpose | Strengthen the competitiveness of SMEs

Intervention Region | North

Beneficiary Entity | Abyssal S.A.


Approval Date | 2019-04-18

Start Date | 2019-06-24

End Date | 2021-06-23


Total Eligible Cost | 255.962,50 EUR


European Union’s Financial Support | FEDER – 101.683,13 EUR

Public National/Regional Financial Support | N/A


Project Goals |
1. To achieve a relevant market share in the operating markets, by gaining new customers in the USA as well as in new geographic regions;
2. Sustained growth of international turnover;
3. Take the lead in developing new products and looking for new communication strategies in the market;
4. Increase the Company’s. relevance, in the value chain, amongst the Offshore industry Key Players.