The Abyssal Cloud is a web application and a managed cloud platform with integrated data services. It allows you to manage, visualize, and interact with your subsea digital twin throughout the entire Life Cycle.



Safely explore real world scenarios in a realistic virtual environment. Increase safety and efficiency through early identification of risks, and simulate with real world physics even in complex subsea operations!



Abyssal Offshore is an advanced 3D Visualization and Operation Management System to support Pilots and Supervisors to perform tasks in complex and low visibility subsea environments.




<font color="white">ROV</font>


By resorting to 3D, VR and AR we increase Navigability, Visibility and Spatial Awareness in ROV operations leading to safer and more efficient subsea operations;
Supported in Abyssal Platform is possible to visualize in real-time every asset, moving structures, Vessels and ROVs allowing the execution of SIMOPS (Simultaneous Operations) in highly complex subsea environments, with fewer resources and increased safety;

<font color="white">Vessel  & Crane</font>

Vessel & Crane

Being able to monitor every structure and equipment means that Offshore logistics can be executed faster and at lower risks. Being able to have a real-time 3D representation accessible anywhere drastically reduces the risk of accidents such as collisions, reducing injuries, fatalities and relevant material and economic burden.

<font color="white">AUVs & ASVs</font>


With Abyssal Platform and Operational tools it is possible to have a clear and reliable common operating picture, reducing safety risks and increasing efficiency in complex Simultaneous Operations involving ROVs, AUVs and ASVs.


<font color="white">Oil & Gas</font>

Oil & Gas

Provide tools to allow remote management of assets and operations by assuring a full collaborative way that is understandable to any stakeholder.
Provide efficiency and safety to subsea operations reducing operational costs.

<font color="white">Marine Renewables</font>

Marine Renewables

Provide tools to integrate and deliver real-time and high-quality information on seabed roughness, wave surface elevations, tidal currents, eddies, and turbulence at sites, increasing safety in construction and maintenance operations;
Provide tools to simulate and monitor environmental impact.

<font color="white">Seabed Mining</font>

Seabed Mining

Provide tools for Environmental monitoring and inspection allowing operators to meet regulatory compliance.

<font color="white">Aquaculture & Fishing</font>

Aquaculture & Fishing

Assure complementarity with other uses of marine environment (spatial planning, environmental constrains, fish species, etc);
Monitor fish stocks.

<font color="white">Marine Research</font>

Marine Research

Provide monitoring systems that cope with customized sensors and datasets, High Definition Video systems able to integrate specific scientific dive logs and data storage tools that cope with long missions


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