A Look Through the Water’s Surface

There’ve always been some hurdles to overcome in order to accurately simulate visual elements in computer graphics. Though, it goes without saying that fire and water are among the most difficult to replicate, not only because of their degree of unpredictability regarding fluid dynamics, but also because of the actual physics of light involved depending on which rendering technology comes into play.

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Using simulation as an efficient and safe way towards autonomy in subsea operations

Autonomous and unmanned systems are the next generation of tech arriving into subsea operations. They bring the promise of making subsea operations less expensive, increasingly safer, and reducing our carbon footprint while bringing people onshore. Industries such as Oil & Gas and Ocean Renewables are pushing the envelope when it comes to converting these technologies from paper to a new reality.

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Navigating Team Quality

On my first day at Abyssal two years ago (July 2018), I felt like every QA feels when they first step into a new company: like a solo New Year’s Eve party! You genuinely want it to be a group party, but experience has shown you that you often find yourself planning everything on your own, as you cannot help but feel excited by the open blank page right in front of you, with so much promise. You have so many resolutions in your head, so much to discover! A mix of old knowledge to exercise, yet a plethora to still experience. If you are anything like me, you also feel this endless rush of curiosity that keeps you living and breathing everything about that company. What’s the state of the product? What do they do and, more importantly, why do they do it that way? What does the client need?

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On board the Abyssal (intern)ship

On this very day, one year ago, I joined the Abyssal team as an intern, more specifically, in the AI research team. While a normal day for most, for me it was both my first day and my birthday, information that became known quickly among everyone. Consequently, during a regular company meeting, they welcomed me with the “happy birthday” song and, although I don‘t care to admit it, I blushed a bit from the attention.

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We’re (data) hungry: the importance of Big Data for the subsea industry

Subsea industries, such as Marine Renewables or Oil & Gas, have been paving the way for safer and smart inspection operations underwater in order to improve efficiency while reducing their carbon footprint. If you’re part of this journey you may already be aware that this will require planned subsea operations to be performed by unmanned systems. You’ve probably heard about simulation, remote control, and intelligent vehicles. You’ve certainly been told you need data. Indeed, if you are taking part in this journey, I’m sure you feel data hungry today.

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Abyssal Blog: Vision(s) in Depth


Abyssal has extensively provided cutting-edge visualization, simulation, and digitalization capabilities to the subsea industry. Vision in Depth is our mission; a mission embraced by 3D and technical artists, researchers, software and business developers, physics and QA engineers, designers, and trainees.

Everything is, indeed, built upon their vision. And that’s what Abyssal Blog brings you now: their vision in depth.


From technical articles to more personal ones, this blog aims to bring new perspectives to the stage. These may cover different chapters of Abyssal’s journey, such as research, product development or even business strategy, and unveil our multiple facets: innovation, passion, creativity, and disruption. Here you may find technical knowledge regarding our research and development projects, workshops, industry case studies, event news, showcases of products, as well as honest accounts of our current challenges and future ambitions. Most importantly, you may find it written by the CEO or our most recent trainee.


Stay tuned!

The Future of Remote Subsea OPS Using The Digital Twin


Abyssal featured in ROV Planet Magazine, 2020

Abyssal featured on page 23, on issue 22 of the ROV Planet Magazine leading the way on “THE FUTURE OF REMOTE SUBSEA OPS USING THE DIGITAL TWIN“!


Abyssal has developed a platform, that incorporates a 3D visualisation engine and a survey grade Geographic Information System (GIS) and is able to acquire, process, and integrate data in real-time from multiple sources. Abyssal´s methodology relies on an innovative approach of integrating all relevant data that results from offshore operations, and is time-stamped, and geospatially referenced in a 3D platform.


Special thanks to ROV Planet.