Cut down on the hundreds of hours spent on inspection video review.

Integrity Threat Detection automatically generates operational reports about which subsea assets were inspected and when, listing the detected integrity threats and their specific location.
Improve the efficiency of your inspection operations and reduce unplanned downtime of your subsea fields. Connect this system to Abyssal’s digital twin platform to further enhance your maintenance planning capabilities.

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Real Time Detection
AI Inspection models can be deployed in an ROV, for real time detection of integrity threats and anomalies.

Inspection Highlights
Thousands of hours of ROV inspection videos are automatically and rapidly summarized into shorter clips, only containing the relevant video segments for inspection analysis.

Automatic Inspection Reports
Comprehensive reports can be automatically generated from the inspection videos, listing and describing all the operation activities, from the inspected assets to the integrity threats and anomalies found.

Searchable Footage
ROV footage from inspection operations becomes easily searchable by asset (eg. pipeline), type of anomaly (eg. leak), or integrity threat (eg. biofouling).




  • Reduce rework: improve data acquisition quality by helping ROV pilots focus on potential integrity threats
  • Improved Safety: less time offshore, less likelihood of accidents happening


  • Improve efficiency: reduce the amount of videos the engineers need to review. Automatic reports are generated
  • Reduce Unplanned Downtime: find integrity threats earlier, avoid problems

Maintenance Planning

  • Improved decision quality: knowledge is shared between different engineers and fields. Similar cases and resolutions are displayed to the engineers, so they can easily find best practices

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