Access the full power of video digitalization and Artificial Intelligence.

The Video Analytics system automatically extracts relevant information and meta-data from subsea ROV footage allowing you to better search and get valuable insights from the videos.
Monitor your operations more objectively and improve their efficiency.

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Automatic Overlay Meta-Data Extraction

Automatically extract the location of the ROV from the overlay, as well as the time and date of the operation, logos and other relevant information.

Entity Recognition

Automatically detect subsea assets, such as pipelines, PLETs, etc.

Searchable Footage

Search the videos by location, date and other automatically extracted meta-data, or by video segments where a particular asset is visible.

Automatic Video Reports

Report with a summary of subsea videos, describing the operation and highlighting its most important stages.

Data Insights

Data extracted from several videos/operations is analysed and correlated by AI models, bringing knowledge and valuable insights for decision support.




  • The searchable footage enables a faster and more informed planning
  • Optimize procedures by automatically gathering all relevant data from the operation footage, new insights that result from a big data analysis can be obtained and used for planning

Data Analysis

  • Automatic reports spare exhaustive manual work for engineers that analyze and tag ROV footage
  • Reduce unplanned downtime by automatic reports, easy search and automatic metrics can help identify problems earlier


  • History of what happened in a field, using legacy videos
  • Less time searching legacy videos
  • Fast comparison between operations thanks to easy search
  • New knowledge and insights, brought from the analysis and correlation of a big amount of data

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