Project Name | OceanOS – Onshore Center for Asset Integrity of Operations Subsea

Project Code | NORTE-01-0247-FEDER-041402

Main Objective | OT 1 – Strengthen Research, Development & Innovation

Region of Intervention | North

Beneficiaries | Abyssal S.A.


Approval Date | 2019-07-23

Start Date | 2019-10-30

End Date | 2021-10-29


Total Eligible Cost | 1.160.712,95 EUR


Financial Support from the European Union | FEDER – 738.720,23 EUR

National / Regional Public Financial Support | N/A


Project Objectives |
OceanOS will develop a platform for use in O&G operations. It will integrate data captured by submarines and ROV operators and display it in a 3D virtual environment that can be made available anywhere. This generates accurate information delivered in real-time, allowing for a streamlined and faster decision-making process paramount for safer and more efficient ROV Operations.
In a unique form, Abyssal´s innovative solution will combine features like 3D visualization, Augmented Reality, navigation and positioning data as well as real-time information from subsea structures and assets.