Project Name | Structure Inspection

Project Code | FA_02_2017_016

Main Purpose | Scientific Research and Sea Technologies

Intervention Region | North

Beneficiary Entity | Abyssal S.A.


Approval Date | 26-04-2018

Start Date | 01-05-2018

End Date | 30-04-2020


Total Eligible Cost | 218.731,00 EUR

Public National/Regional Financial Support | 131.239,00 EUR


Project Goals | Abyssal aims to develop a research project to provide Remotely Operated Vehicles with the capability of perceiving the surrounding environment.

This technology is a fundamental prerequisite for the development of truly autonomous vehicles. For instance, it is necessary to identify an asset in order to control the vehicle with the purpose of executing a particular operation.

Abyssal’s current solutions enable remote operations to be performed as the vehicle operator can visualize the position of the ROV and to video. However, there is still no solution that automatically identifies structures, integrity threats, or other relevant subsea entities. This technology is required in order to develop future fully autonomous inspection operations.

The results of this Research and Development project will complement the current Abyssal’s products in order to become one step closer to the development of autonomous underwater vehicles for inspection operations.