Ocean Infinity acquires Abyssal

Ocean Infinity, the marine robotics company is excited to announce that it has acquired software engineering specialists, Abyssal.


Abyssal develops and implements proprietary software solutions for the offshore industry geared towards improving the safety and efficiency of subsea operations.  As part of Ocean Infinity, the team will play a key role in shaping the enlarged group’s software development capability as it continues to grow and provide ever expanding robotics and data acquisition services to its marine customer base.


Abyssal’s technology ranges from a managed cloud data platform, synthetic environments, advanced 3D visualisation and operation management system tools.  With artificial intelligence enabled digital twinning core to its services, Abyssal enables some of the world’s largest offshore operators to safely deliver complex projects.


Integrating Abyssal’s software expertise with Ocean Infinity’s robotic fleet will further underpin the company’s safe and secure data acquisition operations through the development of operational simulation, fleet management and cloud data tools.


Abyssal’s 38 highly experienced employees will transition to the Ocean Infinity Group, and will operate from Porto, Portugal, under the Ocean Infinity brand.


Oliver Plunkett, Ocean Infinity’s CEO, said:

“Over the past nine years, Abyssal has built a great business with a talented team, focused on designing incredibly creative tools to improve the safety and data quality of its customers operations.  Bringing this team of highly skilled solution developers into Ocean Infinity strengthens our in-house capability to provide the highest quality data, securely and quickly. Growing our team in such a way unquestionably moves us forward in becoming the leading ocean and seabed data analytics business. On behalf of everyone at Ocean Infinity I extend a warm welcome to our new colleagues”


Manuel Parente, Founder and CTO of Abyssal, said:

With Ocean Infinity we share a vision to keep pushing the boundaries of technology development, in order to enable ever safer and ever more sustainable offshore work.  We are pleased to now be part of this ambitious, “can do”, group.  I look forward to the opportunities ahead, both for the team but also for our existing and future customers



Contacts and Further Information:

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oceaninfinity.com / abyssal.eu



Mark Antelme / Ollie Mills, press officers, Ocean Infinity

[email protected] / +44 (0) 20 8434 2643


Notes to editors

Ocean Infinity is a marine robotics company that deploys autonomous technologies at scale to capture ocean data and deliver maritime solutions. The company’s mission is to use innovative technology to transform operations at sea, enabling people and the planet to thrive.  Ocean Infinity owns and operates the largest fleet of 6000m rated underwater autonomous vehicles in the world. In addition, the company currently has six work class remotely operated vehicles and eight unmanned surface vehicles.  The company’s uncrewed Armada fleet, which is set to revolutionise the maritime industry, will ensure Ocean Infinity own and operate the most high-tech, green and safe maritime fleet in the world.

Ocean Infinity recently acquired MMT, the distinguished marine survey and data analytics provider, which combines world-class innovation with unrivalled experience. The enlarged group has a headcount of over 300 people and operates from an expanded geographical footprint with offices in the US, Sweden, UK, Singapore and Norway.


Abyssal is a software engineering company with more than eight years’ experience in developing and implementing proprietary software solutions for the offshore industry.  The company provides several software and hardware solutions for the different phases of an offshore capital project.  Abyssal’s global reach and remote nature allow the company to better serve its customers at any location in the world.

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