Abyssal at the Subsea Tieback 2021

On March 3rd at 10 AM EST/9 AM CST, join Manuel Parente and other industry experts for a live discussion on Subsea Tieback webinar:
Subsea Tiebacks in a Virtual World: Technologies and Behaviors Accelerated Due to the COVID19 Pandemic
Find out how much Abyssal Cloud helped to monitor an operation during the holidays, which are the benefits of Simulation during pandemic times, and join us for further discussion about remote operations.

Abyssal at VISIGRAPP 2021

Today, Nelson Rodrigues presents at VISIGRAPP 2021 the paper “Integration of CAD models into Game Engines”, which is also nominated for the GRAPP 2021 Best Poster Award.

This work is a combination of efforts by Bruno Santos (FEUP), Nelson Rodrigues (Senior Software Developer, Abyssal), Pedro Costa (Head of Research, Abyssal), and António Coelho (FEUP/INESC TEC) and focuses on converting CAD models to 3D Mesh.
The main objective of this paper is to provide a way to control how the mesh is created and to provide control of the outcome of the process interactively.

Happy Holidays 2020


2020 has been a very challenging year and as we move into 2021, we hope that the resilience, creativity, and ingenuity that characterized this last year endure, making an everlasting impact in the life of People, Nature, and the Economy.


Like every year, we had our x-mas tree at the office, but unlike other years almost everyone was remote and so we decided to build a digital replica and share it.

Happy Holidays from the Abyssal Team.


OceanTech on Imagens de Marca

Find out all about OceanTech – an Operational Management System based on Intelligent Robotic Vehicles for the Global Ocean Exploration from Portugal (http://oceantech.pt/).
This project aims to develop, test, and validate a unique solution on the collaborative use of distinct data collection platforms (autonomous vehicles, fixed platforms, and hybrid vehicles). Using disruptive technologies and innovative communication systems to design a solution that not only ensures communication between different platforms and between them and a support infrastructure but also with the management system of underwater operations, data integration, treatment, and information availability through its own channels.


Broadcasted episode:  https://www.imagensdemarca.pt/artigo/a-economia-e-azul/


Consortium partners:  Abyssal | CEiiA // Centre of Engineering and Product Development | Instituto Superior Técnico | IPMA Instituto Português do Mar e da Atmosfera | OceanScan-MST | Stratosphere | Tekever | Universidade do Algarve | Universidade do Porto | Usimeca – Metalomecânica, Lda


FOCUS: Let your Subject Matter Experts apply their capabilities to create value while you leave the boring work of reviewing and analyzing thousands of hours of videos to our automatic method for the detection of anomalies in pipelines.

CONTEXTUALIZE: Not only can you detect these anomalies, but also you can let the system contextualize them in a 3D GIS digital twin environment and classify them by their severity level.

BUILD YOUR OWN: If you do not want to use the off-the-shelf AI model and want to leverage the knowledge you have within your business, you can always use our system to let your experts build your own model.

NO LIMITS: There is no limit to what you can build and the knowledge you can extract. You can build your own model to automatically quantify and classify marine growth, contextualize the outcome of the model to visualize and continuously update the condition of your assets in our Digital Twin environment.

Subsea.ai is a platform that you can use to prepare datasets, create, improve, and test AI models that will make your subsea operations Faster, Safer, and Greener.

Find out more at https://subsea.ai/ or contact us at [email protected]

Abyssal selected for the Tech Rocketship Awards

Abyssal was selected as one of the top 3 Portuguese scale-ups together with YData and Velocidi for the Tech Rocketship Awards promoted by the Department for International Trade (DIT).
Abyssal is competing in the “Clean Growth (CleanTech)” category and the announcement was made during the “UK Tech Rocketship: Looking for Europe’s best scale-ups” event at the WebSummit 2020.
Know more:

Três startups portuguesas competem nos Tech Rocketship Awards

Abyssal at Rio Oil&Gas 2020

The future is now! Find out how Abyssal´s Artificial Intelligence can increase the efficiency of subsea operations with its visual positioning system and provide for automatic detection of subsea entities and anomalies in inspection videos.

O futuro é agora! Descobre como a Inteligência Artificial da Abyssal consegue aumentar a eficiência das operações em ambiente subaquático com o seu sistema de posicionamento visual, assim como proporcionar a deteção automática de entidades e anomalias em vídeos de inspeções submarinas.

Visit the Rio Oil&Gas website and find out more at https://abyssal.eu/ai/