Abyssal granted with one-year partnership contract with Van Oord


Van Oord launched its Innovation Challenge for the first time this year as part of the celebrations marking its 150th anniversary. The company views the Innovation Challenge as a quest to enter into new partnerships with companies that are making vital contributions to addressing society’s problems, for example, the reduction of carbon emissions, energy storage or digitalization.


Van Oord has spent the past few months helping eight entrepreneurs develop a professional business plan. It was part of the Van Oord Innovation Challenge, a competition for start-ups and scale-ups that are eager to work on building a better future.


During the symposium, Abyssal had the opportunity to present its innovation to the audience. Abyssal was granted with a one-year partnership contract with Van Oord.


We are both humbled and very eager to start this journey with “Royal” Van Oord. We share the same vision of making a smarter use of Digital Technologies to achieve a more sustainable future. — Luís Almeida and Manuel Parente



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Photography by Jaap Reedjik

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