Abyssal Simulator is a next generation 3D rendering engine with physics simulation, seamlessly integrated with a geographical information system, allowing the use of virtual scenarios driven by real world information.


“Abyssal Simulator was created to allow the use of real-world based scenarios, vehicles, and accurate object and tools. This means that accurate geographical positions, sizes, weights and hydrodynamic behaviour untaps the potential of simulation increasing the number of applications”, Manuel Parente, CTO


Users can perform Virtual System Integration Tests while planning procedures, determine the feasibility of subsea tooling procedures,and perform accessibility and maneuverability studies.

ROV pilots and crew can train procedures in each of the simulation scenarios, improving operational efficiency.

Engineers can perform constructability reviews and identify opportunities for increased efficiency.


“Abyssal Simulator was developed with the purpose to be used by anyone and anywhere. For example, training location is no longer a barrier because both pilots and engineers can use it onshore or offshore. Additionally, and because of its enhanced usability, we can place in the hand of engineers the capability to run infinite number of scenarios when performing design reviews, constructability reviews or Virtual System Integration Testing” Rafael Simão, CEO


Please check the Abyssal Simulator page for more details.



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