AbyssalOS | Unreal Engine Enterprise | Project Spotlight

Abyssal OS Offshore (AOS) technology architecture is based on UNREAL engine coupled with a survey-grade geographical information (GIS) system that allows the user to place objects in the 3D environment with submillimeter accuracy. Then, by gathering and processing the real-time data from the ROV (video, telemetry, positioning, other sensors), the AOS is able to retrieve contextualized and enriched real-time navigation information to operators which enhances situational awareness.


Augmented and virtual reality environments are beneficial for offshore operations or any remote environment, not only for Oil & Gas industry but also to a wide range of industries from Seabed Mining to Marine Renewables, Marine Biotechnology, Environment and Scientific exploration.


Safety is enhanced as the entire subsea environment can come to life and the job can be performed with the support of a virtual environment. Additionally, the augmented visuals provided in the operator display will provide a clear picture of the situation to allow the mission to continue.


“As an example, we can easily create a virtual representation of an oilfield and feed it with real world data and information. This allows every stakeholder in every phase of the life of the field (Design, Engineering, Construction, Commissioning, Operation and Decommissioning) to experience a very realistic view of what is happening in real time. Moreover, it allows them to playback what happened and to predict what will happen. And all of this is possible because we are using a visual language, and everyone understands it.”
Rafael Simão, Abyssal CEO


Also, by replicating in real-time into a single location the operations from multiple sites in the World, with Abyssal Command Center (ACC) it is now possible to safely remote piloting an ROV which is a huge step in the Oil & Gas industry aspirations on increasing efficiency and safety of offshore subsea operations.


UNREAL engine was the key to allow Abyssal to meet not only the requirements from its customers but also its technology and product roadmap. It allowed the company to develop a very robust and flexible platform which now can be easily adapted to whatever are the Oil & Gas industry needs.


“And this flexibility is not just to address the Oil & Gas industry current challenges. In fact, it is not a question of reaching a Vision in Depth but reaching a vision Beyond Visual Line of Sight (BVLOS). The world is moving very fast and the need to perform remote tasks is increasing every day… and the next step is going to be autonomous tasks. It’s like we are in a path where any BVLOS task will rapidly move into a machine automated task.”
Manuel Parente, Abyssal CTO

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