FOCUS: Let your Subject Matter Experts apply their capabilities to create value while you leave the boring work of reviewing and analyzing thousands of hours of videos to our automatic method for the detection of anomalies in pipelines.

CONTEXTUALIZE: Not only can you detect these anomalies, but also you can let the system contextualize them in a 3D GIS digital twin environment and classify them by their severity level.

BUILD YOUR OWN: If you do not want to use the off-the-shelf AI model and want to leverage the knowledge you have within your business, you can always use our system to let your experts build your own model.

NO LIMITS: There is no limit to what you can build and the knowledge you can extract. You can build your own model to automatically quantify and classify marine growth, contextualize the outcome of the model to visualize and continuously update the condition of your assets in our Digital Twin environment. is a platform that you can use to prepare datasets, create, improve, and test AI models that will make your subsea operations Faster, Safer, and Greener.

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