Artificial Intelligence

Artificial Intelligence (AI) has been lauded as the next technological revolution, right next to electricity that transformed every industry and created huge economic value. It has the potential to impact the existing healthcare, transportation, and energy industries as well as possibly create entirely new industries. Despite all this promise, AI is still at a very early stage of implementation, with few automated systems in production.

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We’re (data) hungry: the importance of Big Data for the subsea industry

Subsea industries, such as Marine Renewables or Oil & Gas, have been paving the way for safer and smart inspection operations underwater in order to improve efficiency while reducing their carbon footprint. If you’re part of this journey you may already be aware that this will require planned subsea operations to be performed by unmanned systems. You’ve probably heard about simulation, remote control, and intelligent vehicles. You’ve certainly been told you need data. Indeed, if you are taking part in this journey, I’m sure you feel data hungry today.

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