Abyssal collaborates with Wood to jointly offer solutions to improve the design, constructability, operation and inspection of subsea assets globally


Wood has teamed up with Abyssal to jointly provide advanced solutions to address the most complex problems in every phase of a customer’s project lifecycle.
Tim O’Sullivan, president of Wood’s subsea & export systems, comments:

We are excited to collaborate with Abyssal to unlock new and more efficient ways of planning, executing and operating projects for our customers. We bring four decades of experience in subsea to the partnership and the capability of Abyssal strongly complements our services and software.


Rafael Simao, CEO at Abyssal, adds:

Our leading technology solutions are field proven and bring significant value to all phases of a subsea development. We look forward to exploring opportunities with Wood to benefit our joint customer base, particularly in the areas of visualisation and simulation, digital eco-systems to optimise operations and virtual system integration testing for safer operations.


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About Wood

Wood is a global leader in the delivery of project, engineering and technical services to energy and industrial markets. Wood operates in more than 60 countries, employing around 60,000 people, with revenues of over $10 billion. Wood provides performance-driven solutions throughout the asset life cycle, from concept to decommissioning across a broad range of industrial markets, including the upstream, midstream and downstream oil & gas, power & process, environment and infrastructure, clean energy, mining, nuclear, and general industrial sectors.

Abyssal Simulator Launch

Abyssal Simulator is a next generation 3D rendering engine with physics simulation, seamlessly integrated with a geographical information system, allowing the use of virtual scenarios driven by real world information.


“Abyssal Simulator was created to allow the use of real-world based scenarios, vehicles, and accurate object and tools. This means that accurate geographical positions, sizes, weights and hydrodynamic behaviour untaps the potential of simulation increasing the number of applications”, Manuel Parente, CTO


Users can perform Virtual System Integration Tests while planning procedures, determine the feasibility of subsea tooling procedures,and perform accessibility and maneuverability studies.

ROV pilots and crew can train procedures in each of the simulation scenarios, improving operational efficiency.

Engineers can perform constructability reviews and identify opportunities for increased efficiency.


“Abyssal Simulator was developed with the purpose to be used by anyone and anywhere. For example, training location is no longer a barrier because both pilots and engineers can use it onshore or offshore. Additionally, and because of its enhanced usability, we can place in the hand of engineers the capability to run infinite number of scenarios when performing design reviews, constructability reviews or Virtual System Integration Testing” Rafael Simão, CEO


Please check the Abyssal Simulator page for more details.



Networking at JobIT18

On April 18, Abyssal will be present at JobIT 2018 at FEUP in Room B023, Porto, Portugal.

JobIT is a conference organized by AlumniEIFEUP to promote the entrepreneurship, the initiative as well as the Informatics Engineer job in Portugal.
Two of our software engineers, João Portela and Cristiano Carvalheiro, will be making a brief presentation about our company at 15:05. At the end of the day will also be an opportunity for speed networking. Let’s meet!


Make or Break. Boosting great ideas

Abyssal is sponsoring Make or Break 2018 in our city of Porto, Portugal.

Make or Break is a 3 day tech fest in the city of Porto (Palácio dos Correios), featuring a hackathon and multiple workshops. It will be held on the 13th-15th of April.
On the very first day, two of our software engineers, Cristiano Carvalheiro and João Portela, will be giving a workshop about UE4 Performance Tips at 14:15.


Abyssal recebe estatuto de Parceiro Empresarial | UT Austin-Portugal Industrial Affiliate

No âmbito do programa GoPortugal – Parcerias Globais de Ciência e Tecnologia para Portugal e no seguimento da renovação por mais 10 anos do programa UT Austin – Portugal, uma parceria com a The University of Texas at Austin, a Abyssal recebe o estatuto de “UT Austin – Portugal Industrial Affiliates” juntamente com as empresas Deimos, Edisoft, Galp, Graphenest, IBM Portugal, Omnidea, Petsys, Tekever e Wavecom.

Ao fazer parte do Industrial Advisory Board do Programa UT Austin Portugal, a Abyssal terá oportunidade de apoiar e colaborar com este programa cuja investigação colaborativa se irá centrar em quatro temas bandeira: a abordagem integrada das áreas do Atlantic International Research (AIR) Center, que são Espaço, clima, Terra e Oceanos, a Computação Avançada, a Nanotecnologia e a Física Médica.

Este programa mantém também uma aposta estratégica que consiste na colaboração internacional em tecnologias emergentes e no reforço da rede de empreendedorismo tecnológico UTEN (University Technology Enterprise Network) que em 2013 acolheu a Abyssal no seu Global Startup Program.

Abyssal receives the status of UT Austin-Portugal Industrial Affiliate

As part of the GoPortugal – Global Science and Technology partnerships for Portugal program and following the renewal for 10 more years of the UT Austin – Portugal program, a partnership with The University of Texas at Austin, Abyssal has received the status of “UT Austin-Portugal Industrial Affiliates” alongside the following companies: Deimos, Edisoft, Galp, Graphenest, IBM Portugal, Omnidea, Petsys, Tekever and Wavecom.

Being a member of the “UT Austin-Portugal Industrial Advisory Board”, will allow Abyssal to support and cooperate with this program whose collaborative research is focused on four major pillars: an integrated approach between the Atlantic International Research (AIR) Center whose expertise fields are Space, Climate, Earth and Oceans, with Advanced Computing, Nanotechnology and Medical Physics.

This program also has a strategic focus on international collaboration for emerging technologies and the strengthening of the UTEN (University Technology Enterprise Network) technological entrepreneurship network that hosted Abyssal in its Global Startup Program in 2013.


Abyssal Joins NVIDIA Inception Program

Porto, Portugal — February 15, 2018 — Abyssal announced today it has joined the NVIDIA Inception Program, which is designed to nurture startups revolutionizing industries with advancements in AI and data sciences.

Abyssal S.A develops integrated Subsea Operating Solutions for Remotely Operated Vehicles (ROVs) in the Oil & Gas, Marine Renewables and Underwater Mining industries. Abyssal platform and products rely on both 3D visualization for real-time monitoring and accurate navigation and positioning data, increasing overall visibility and spatial awareness of the entire subsea environment.

Abyssal’s purpose is to continuously develop accurate and intuitive solutions focused on increasing Vision in Depth to enable its customers to access the most remote and inaccessible subsea locations.

Abyssal has been working closely with some of the major companies within the Oil & Gas supply chain which allowed the company to develop its products by responding to the industry’s real needs. By entering the NVIDIA Inception program, Abyssal expects to leverage NVIDIA´s expertise, massive network of deep learning experts and thought leaders, state-of-the-art GPU technology and benefit from the collaborations with NVIDIA’s Deep Learning Institute in order to bring Artificial Intelligence to the subsea operations.

“This collaboration is completely aligned with our research and development plan which has a strong focus on automation. We will leverage this privileged relationship by exploring the full potential of NVIDIA’s GPUs to deliver our customers with the most innovative products that will bring them valuable benefits in terms of efficiency and safety”, says Manuel Parente CTO of Abyssal.

“We are excited to be a part of the NVIDIA’s Inception program. Being able to have access to NVIDIA’s latest GPU accelerators as well as its global AI and deep learning ecosystem is for us an additional motivation to be in the forefront of technology for subsea operations”, says Rafael Simão CEO of Abyssal.

NVIDIA’s Inception program is a virtual accelerator program that helps startups during critical stages of product development, prototyping and deployment. Every Inception member gets a custom set of ongoing benefits, from hardware grants and marketing support to training with deep learning experts.


About Abyssal

Abyssal S.A. develops integrated Subsea Operating Solutions for Remotely Operated Vehicles (ROVs) in the Oil & Gas, Marine Renewables and Underwater Mining industries.
The company’s unique platform works as a Digital Collaboration tool enhanced with an ecosystem of products that provide significant benefits in every phase of the project lifecycle – from design, construction, operation and decommissioning.
A very important part of the company’s product ecosystem is the Abyssal OS Offshore: an advanced real-time 3D visualization and operation management system to support pilots and supervisors to perform simultaneous operations in complex subsea environments, increasing safety and efficiency.
Find more information about the complete ecosystem of products and how Abyssal brings Vision in Depth to its customers at www.abyssal.eu.


Contact about this news

João Ferreira, Head of Global Business Development
Abyssal S.A.
e-mail: [email protected]
phone: +351 220 120 768

AbyssalOS | Unreal Engine Enterprise | Project Spotlight

Abyssal OS Offshore (AOS) technology architecture is based on UNREAL engine coupled with a survey-grade geographical information (GIS) system that allows the user to place objects in the 3D environment with submillimeter accuracy. Then, by gathering and processing the real-time data from the ROV (video, telemetry, positioning, other sensors), the AOS is able to retrieve contextualized and enriched real-time navigation information to operators which enhances situational awareness.


Augmented and virtual reality environments are beneficial for offshore operations or any remote environment, not only for Oil & Gas industry but also to a wide range of industries from Seabed Mining to Marine Renewables, Marine Biotechnology, Environment and Scientific exploration.


Safety is enhanced as the entire subsea environment can come to life and the job can be performed with the support of a virtual environment. Additionally, the augmented visuals provided in the operator display will provide a clear picture of the situation to allow the mission to continue.


“As an example, we can easily create a virtual representation of an oilfield and feed it with real world data and information. This allows every stakeholder in every phase of the life of the field (Design, Engineering, Construction, Commissioning, Operation and Decommissioning) to experience a very realistic view of what is happening in real time. Moreover, it allows them to playback what happened and to predict what will happen. And all of this is possible because we are using a visual language, and everyone understands it.”
Rafael Simão, Abyssal CEO


Also, by replicating in real-time into a single location the operations from multiple sites in the World, with Abyssal Command Center (ACC) it is now possible to safely remote piloting an ROV which is a huge step in the Oil & Gas industry aspirations on increasing efficiency and safety of offshore subsea operations.


UNREAL engine was the key to allow Abyssal to meet not only the requirements from its customers but also its technology and product roadmap. It allowed the company to develop a very robust and flexible platform which now can be easily adapted to whatever are the Oil & Gas industry needs.


“And this flexibility is not just to address the Oil & Gas industry current challenges. In fact, it is not a question of reaching a Vision in Depth but reaching a vision Beyond Visual Line of Sight (BVLOS). The world is moving very fast and the need to perform remote tasks is increasing every day… and the next step is going to be autonomous tasks. It’s like we are in a path where any BVLOS task will rapidly move into a machine automated task.”
Manuel Parente, Abyssal CTO